Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is the process of remove a thin layer of clearcoat from the surface of your paint to reveal the clean unblemished clear coat that can be found underneath. Most frequently Dual Action Polishers or Buffer are used along side with Compounds and Polished to achieve the desired results. This process results in a leveling of the clear coat which makes it more reflective of light and give you that show car shine we all want. While at th same time it helps remove surfaces scratches and marring also know as "swirls" or "spider-webbing" to give you a more uniform appearance to the paint.

What Type of Paint Correction Services does Exclusive car Care Offer?

We offer 3 different levels of Paint Correction based on your expectations and the needs of the vehicle.

light polish

This package is perfect for daily drivers that could use a face lift. The process will help restore shine and gloss to the vehicle, while also getting rid of the minor defects and swirl marks in your paint.


Level 1 Correction

You can expect more defect removal from our Level 1 Correction than our Light Polish because we use more abrasive polishes to go after 50-60% of surfaces scratches. If you are very particular about how your car looks this package is made just for you.


Level 2 Correction

This package is designed to take your car from average to show car ready. The first step in the process is a Compounding, or "leveling" phase, to remov as much defects as possible safely. That is followed up by a secondory Polishing step to remove haze left behind from the first step and restore maximum clarity. This is as close to perfection as paint correction gets and is recommend only for those who know how to core for their vehicles well.

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